Qué Funciona para el Desarrollo Ganador de la beca: All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development


We are excited to inform that USAID, World Vision, and the Australian Government awarded QFD with a grant to improve the reading scores of Mexican children enrolled in grades 1 to 3. This grant will fund our new project “Matching Children with Level-Appropriate Books and Engaging Families” that seeks to to develop a technology-based innovation, called MATCH, to (1) classify Spanish-written books, available in Mexico, by difficulty level and topic, and (2) provide a platform to associate level-appropriate books to early grade readers, according to their reading skills and interests In addition, workshops will seek to promote parental involvement and guide parents on how to support their children’s reading process and detect possible reading difficulties. The All Children Reading partnership, founded in 2011 awards soliciting creative, cost-effective innovations to improve reading for children in early grades. QFD is one of fourteen 2015 new grantees selected through a highly competitive process that elicited over two hundred proposals from fifty countries.

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